by Pink City

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Crash bang wallop.


released March 25, 2011



Ideas for sleeve: M. Martin, J. Healy, Ernest Ambrus.
Sleeve design: Ernest Ambrus.
Thanks to: Ernest Ambrus. A true talent.



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Pink City

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Track Name: Pitcher (A Hit Single)
Come and see
what you wanted to see
It's an attraction known to millions
there's nothing better
it's all you'll need
but I've gone beyond starvation
I pick at an invisible scab
I'm swallowing my tongue
Part of me adores the lash
I know it's in my blood

spread it out
open wide
it's consuming me
this is God
it's killing me
why is it so lovely

You need to be the pitcher
and I am the fly

you look in the mirror
don't say a thing
Track Name: The Operator (Dance Mix)
You are the operator
the best days of your life
working 9 to 5
A good diligent drone
You recite their lives
Their mindless chatter
Their molding fantasies
All their common dreams
So much shattered glass
There's no imagination
Revenge is quaint
You only get what you're paid for

Don't dwell on the meaning
You're not being paid for that
You're paid to speak
with dead precision
But this time the words
can't be ignored
Something about molten metal
Something no one should do
Did he say his children died
It sounds like a confession
but the words are garbled
and it's all you can do to transcribe

This time you try
to get the number
keep your mouth going
can't alert the clients
although they must know
it's a phone for the deaf
How stupid can you be
acknowledging murder
with the attendant
repeating every word
for the deaf father
who caused it all
who beat the boy
who turned schizophrenic
who blessed his children
who blessed his children
who blessed his children
and who burned them

There is no evidence
There is no evidence
There is no evidence
kept your mouth shut
kept your mouth shut
kept your mouth shut